Friday, April 12, 2013

Healthy Diet With Hibernation Diets

Hibernation diet is a revolution in the diets world's, how not, according to the finders, a pharmacist Mike McInnes and his nutritionist claim that

“Consuming honey 2 tablespoons an hour before bed can lose weight when we are asleep sleep.”

"Sounds strange and not easily trusted"

The first time I heard this information, the above sentence I immediately comes to mind, but it does make me curious, I finally decided to seek more detailed information of how the hibernation diet included into the category of a healthy diet, and not only that, for me personally and for the loyal visitors I summarize the testimony of the people who have done the theory of hibernation diets.

Working Principle Hibernation Diets

Based on the relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity, Mike McInnes found that by the time we sleep with the high quality, the first 4 hours of our bodies are preoccupied with cell recovery, God has created a system to repair itself to cells in the human body which is a component the structure of the smallest living things, but the problem for the operation of the system, the human body needs support, the support is sufficient calories, high quality sleep as well as the stability of blood sugar levels

Recovery of activity in the cells of our body fat is burned in the body, so hibernation diets not only lose weight but also improve the quality of our health, even with cell repair tissue is a collection of cells.
Hibernation is a result of health improvements are usually seen in increased stamina, quality hair, skin, bones, nails become healthier.

So madu asli as the Malay designations for honey pity not to be used for improving the quality of our health

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