Monday, March 18, 2013

Laptops - 15 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

If you are in the market for your first laptop, or you are looking to upgrade the one you have now, you know that it can be an overwhelming process. Keep these 15 tips in mind to help you, and you will find the laptop that is right for you.
1. What do you need it to do? - The first thing you should think about is what the purpose of the laptop will be for you. If you only need to surf the internet, you will not need the same kind of laptop that a developer does.
2. Battery Life - Not all batteries for laptops are created equal. Decide how long you will need to keep your laptop away from a power source. Will you need it for cross county flights, or do you just want to walk around the house with it?
3. Size - The heavier and bigger the laptop, the less mobile it will be. Once you narrow down your choices, compare the size of the machines.
4. Screen Resolution and Size - The three most common screen sizes are 17in, 15in, and 13in.
5. Processing Speed - Computers are getting faster every year, but there is a cost associated with speed. If you are not running engineering programs, you probably don't need the fastest processor.
6. Storage - If you choose to store the bulk of your pictures, documents, music and other files in the cloud, then you will not need a lot of storage space. If the opposite is true, then be prepared that more than 128GB is going to cost you.
7. Optical Drive - If you use a CD burner or regularly watch DVDs on your laptop, you are going to need one of these.
8. Ports - A USB port is common. Depending on your use, you may also need an Ethernet Port, an SD card slot, and HDMI output.
9. Security - The days of only being able to access a computer with a password are long gone. If you need more security, you can have fingerprint scanning and face recognition.
10. Warranty - Most warranties do not cover physical damage. You will need extra if you are worried about cracked screens.
11. Release Cycles - For the most value and newest technology, choose a recently released model.
12. Are you a MAC or a PC? - Learn the differences between the two systems to determine the best fit for you.
13. Games - If you are an avid gamer, you will need newer technology.
14. Documents - When you get your new laptop, make sure you have all the documents that go with the applications on it.
15. Brand - Choose a reputable brand if you want support that will be around when you need it.

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